heat pump
for your home

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Whisper quiet

Thanks to patented technology,
only 22 db at 10 metres.

All electric ready

Eco-friendly, no F-gasses burning inside, A+++ efficiency


Independently reviewed 
fastest payback. As little as 1 year.


Quick, seamless process with installation from us directly.

The MOST EFFICIENT heat pump,
perfect for every household

When you buy an Adlar air source heat pump, your home will benefit from A+++ efficiency, meaning no other pump is more efficient.

Home | Adlår Castra warmtepomp

Aurora II

Price including subsidy
Home | Adlår Castra warmtepomp
Home | Adlår Castra warmtepomp
Home | Adlår Castra warmtepomp
Home | Adlår Castra warmtepomp
industry leading ADVICE

Why Adlår?

  • A+++ Efficiency Rating
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • Installed by Adlår’s own team
  • Seamless aftercare


  • Instant quote
  • Instant availability
  • Fast installations
  • Competitive pricing


When you come to Adlar, you’re coming directly to the manufacturer. So you benefit from a seamless process, right the way through from your instant quote, to your installation by a member of the Adlar team, to superb after-sales service.

Traditional Model Heat Pump Installation
Adlar Process
  • quick initial review of your specific situation, giving you detail on your savings and costs.
  • Instant availability – no distribution delays, or last-minute changes in the product you receive.
  • Installed by a MCS certified Adlår team member, who is full-trained specifically on Adlår products, rather than a range of different products.
  • Quick installation – often within a couple of days, as again we are trained specifically to install our products. Meaning less disruption to you and your family.
  • Superb aftercare – with no fault disputes between the installer and the manufacturer, we are responsible for it all.

We are very clear with our pricing from the initial quote which only takes 5 minutes to get, and aim to offer a fair price on or below the national average. The key thing we offer is payback, with our higher than average SCOP values an Adlår heat pump gives you the best payback heat pump in the market, meaning you get a return on your investment faster than others. 

Don’t take our word for it, we’ve been awarded this title by independent judges.


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The heat pump
that makes a

Why move to a heat pump?

Air source heat pumps are the future of bringing warmth to our homes. And that future is now.

There is no better time to make the switch. With government grants of £5,000, available for a limited period, homeowners are acting now to make savings. You can save £100s if not >£1,000 per year by switching from a gas-fuelled boiler to an air source heat pump – with savings made from day one.

To discover how an Adlår heat pumps can save you money, fill in our simple form to receive an instant quotation.

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